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註:20170520 台獨革命先行者,陳智雄揭碑追思暨蔡有全烈士入祀行儀,陳智雄女兒陳雅芳會後感言,原PO於Line族群,應陳雅芳女士請託,公開轉傳。


我不在乎我父親是因為台獨被槍殺的排名第幾順位的烈士,第一或第六,我只知道我父親深愛這個國家,願意為台灣而死,他不只是用講的,而是以身證明,槍決排名沒有意義,對我來說他是英雄,他就是我心中的No. 1,如果有人說他No. 100 我也不在意,我未曾想過從我父親的死而來謀求什麼利益,我的人生失去父親,生活艱困,充滿淚水,沒人在乎,我為了整場追思會,回去又要開始艱困的生活,我不想說人壞話,這不是我的風格,人沒有完美的,包括我,我也犯過錯,我學習,也儘量修正自己,我爸爸透過媽媽教導我們要謙和,有錯就道歉,別說人壞話,沒有完美的人,人都有自己做某些事的原因,不要說人八卦是非。












I NEVER Care for my father So number one OR number Six OR what number, What industry I know my father Love this country  And willing to die for that review ... he is NOT Just Talk ... Talk ... Talk ... BUT prove that he is right Loving this country ...

Number means nothing ...

For me he is a Hero ... he loves his country with all his life ... not only talking ...

For me he's number one, I don't care anyone wilk put him number 100 ... means nothing for me ...

I did not seek to benefit from my father's death, I lived a life of loss as a father, a hard life ... filled with tears ... no one cares ... I came for a whole ceremony ... after that I went home to live a life not easy ...

I really don't like to talk bad about anybody, that's not my style ... because nobody's perfect ... including me ... I do so many mistakes ... but I learnt ... and try to be better as long as I can ...

My dad taught through my mother to be gentle ... if you make wrong ... you must apologies ... do not talk bad about other people, because nothing is perfect, everyone has problems and reasons to do something and do not like to gossip ... don't judge anybody ...

The first time I came here when I was in my thirties ... now I'm 67 ... if I want to ask for help then at that time I've done ... not now when I'm almost seventy ... when I think want Ask for help because of my health condition, I always think, do not embarrass my dad ... I think enough already he suffered in a sadistic way ... and I don't want to make he feel sad to see his daughter make him lose his face ...

I will stand for my father and will not let anyone insult him ...

Should be remembered ... even though at that time my father had a choice, they gave enough money when he shut up, but my father refused ...

I cry because from the bottom of my heart I feel sad ... I am not an artist or Drama Queen ... crying to get sympathy ... can you imagine, if you father left you since you're 2 years ... you are looking for him not in easy way, a long journey fill with tears and hope ... finally you you just find the ashes ... and ... 4 years ago I got the picture, see his body lying on the ground cover with blood ... not only they shoot him but the wired his mouth and axe his feet ... I feel broken inside ... if I could I'll kill them ... I am too old to move on so fast ... then anytime I remember that I feel sad and crying ...

If I sad I love Taiwan, it's not to impresse anybody ... I do love Taiwan, because my Father's blood running in mine and I am half Taiwanese ...

Everybody can say ... I stand for Taiwan Independence ... in front the camera looks so brave ... but I am not sure they can do this with gun on their head, wired their mouth and axes their feet ... To be honest I myself not sure can do this ...

But my father since he was young dedicated his life for his country ... he help Indonesia independence, it's not because he loves Indonesia, but he hope in return Indonesia can help Taiwan someday ... for that he put into jail 2  times ...

But Soekarno betrayed him ...

So for me He is my HERO ... I am proud of him and I adore him ...

I also thank all those who have worked hard and participated for this event, I can not mention names because they are not in English ...


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