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228 網路電台

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杜正勝教授在《台灣心 台灣魂》一書曾指出:「民俗信仰原本應該最不具政治性,不過台灣現在處境與歷史背景特殊,往往不能以常情衡量。」一語道出台灣凡事皆有政治因素的考量,也因此,宗教影響政治、政治操弄宗教時有所聞。董芳苑教授,在《台灣宗教論集》書中明確點出:「台灣人迷信於來自中國國民黨政權那種「血濃於水」的大中國主義,也教台灣民間的善男信女熱衷於為那些神明前往中國的原鄉「進香謁祖」,乖乖的接受中國共產政權的宗教統戰。……自甘被共產中國「宗教統戰」。如此和「中國臍帶」永遠掛鉤的行為,自然直接阻斷台灣建國的前途。」



Development Background
Undoubtedly, human rights are an integral part of human existence. It encompasses moral values or concepts such as equality, respect and caring for others, self-respect with humility, acceptance of personal responsibility, self-determination, popular sovereignty, and so on. However, the manifestation of these values are often being obscured or suppressed due to colonial/political oppression. As the consequences, the dehumanization becomes an everyday common phenomenon, rooted in society, even among members of family interactions. This can lead to the sense of inferiority, disregard and indifference to other people’s suffering, selfness or other forms of selfishness and self-centeredness, unconcerned to public affairs and increased social and family violence, human rights violations and even genocide. Unfortunately, these phenomena are in fact a true portrayal of the people of Taiwan living under the four centuries of colonial ruling and various foreign cultural influences.

Among them, the worst influence of foreign cultures on the people of Taiwan is Chinese feudal culture. The most common symptoms from the legacy of authoritarian feudal culture are slavish unthinking obedience and superstition. In fact, most people are unconsciously being controlled or manipulated by oppressor without knowing the reason or even bother to know the fact especially in the area of religion. For instance, Prof. Tu Cheng-sheng in his book titled, “Taiwan Heart, Taiwan Soul”, has pointed out that “The folk belief is supposed to be the most non-political in nature. However, in the current political situation and Taiwan's historical background, the conventional wisdom is often not applied.” Furthermore, Prof. Dong Fang-yuan states explicitly in his book title of “Taiwan Religion Essays” that “Taiwanese believe blindly in the ideology of a greater China of so-called the “blood is thicker than water” assertion came from the Chinese Kuomintang(KMT) regime. KMT also taught believer keen on going to China’s hometown for their gods via the activity of “Ancestral Pilgrimage”, and hence to accept the religion united front of Chinese communist regime willingly... Naturally, such a forever linked to “China's umbilical cord” behavior shall hinder the prospect of founding of Taiwan State.” These incisive perspectives clearly point out the crux of the problem.

The dehumanized effect still exists even today. It has become the best psychological luring strategy for oppressor to control people and then further to manipulating folk belief or even social values. The pressing issue is how to rectify these twisted values bred from such a long-term psychological influences of the dehumanization on political, culture and family values. In fact, it has been revealed through the enlightenment of 228 Tâi-uân-sîn. For instance, the core values, such as self-determination (or popular sovereignty), has been successfully claimed by nations and peoples in the former Soviet Union, the former Yugoslavia, Eritrea, and Slovakia. No doubt that it’s a salvation for all peoples and put emphasis on the people of Taiwan.

(to be continued)



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