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The Origin

Throughout the past several hundred years, Taiwan gave birth to very many national heroes. In attempts to protect, defend and building Taiwan, they suffered suppressions and deaths from colonial powers, and were all misrepresented as bandits, traitors, and violent agitators. Presently, they have obtained Enlightenment and heavenly position, becoming celestial force Who turns the Dharmic Wheel, guarding and blessing Taiwan’s children and children’s children to strive towards liberty, lawfulness and democracy’s path, until Taiwan fulfills the prideful destiny of becoming one of the greatest democratic states in the world.

As the colonial power established in Taiwan the so-called Diongliedsuu, and as Japan domestically established the so-called Yasukuni Jinja, for the purpose of deepening and planting our national spirit, the Taiwanese people shall devoutly worship the Taiwanese Martyred Spirits. In order to remember and respect their sacrifice, contribution to, and great love for Taiwan, the children and children’s children of Our country, Taiwan, shall worship Them in every household and shall pray for the Taiwanese Spirits to heavenly bless our country and people to perpetual glory and prosperity.

Taiwanese people worshiping the Taiwanese Divinities, such is an immutable truth. Taiwanese people must, with a humble heart and a sincere soul, loyally follow their Predecessors’ spirits of protecting Taiwan, guarding Taiwan, and nation building, as well as to inherit and perpetuate such Heavenly Duty so as to strive from life to death for democratic nation-building in Taiwan. Only then can we ensure our descendants’ unending vitality and eliminate the great cataclysm of ethnic extinction.

The Tati(Daixde) Court of Gospel respectfully scripted as of
A.D. 2004 February 28th

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