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作者 Jolen   


2008/10/12 (Sunday) the  Holy mountain record 


This day, we can see a lot of volunteers.
We are all very happy and joyful to join this activity.

Ms. Shadow donned her own gloves to protect her arms from the torrid sun.shadow

And look! Who takes this awesome machine to weed? That is a pretty good and fast weeder to make hillside shipshape. He is really a strong man!











Look down this picture, it is called “grandaunt taro” , that from translations, actually it called 「Giant elephant ear」,just describes from its shape. If it rains, it is a good substitute for umbrella, because of its big leaves. I learned from the website that how to divide the normal and poison one. Just drop some water, we will find out. Next time I will do an experiment on it.


One of the volunteer said, every morning he gets up early at 5:30 am, then he goes to the top of the holy mountain to take meditation. (The picture: He points to the top).According to his words, Holy mountain is a spiritual place which can make mind calm and peaceful. When sun rise, he can hear the birds and bugs’ sounds vividly. It starts his wonderful morning.


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