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自燃(Burning Oneself So Brightly)
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作者 台灣大地文教基金會董事長 楊緒東   

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Emotionally stirring events have to use the method of making sacrifices to brew the drives and the dynamics. When Professor Tsai Ting-Kuei (蔡丁貴) began his meditation protest in front of the Legislative Yuan on Oct. 25th, I personally went there to observe. At that time, there were about 80 participants.

A talk has been passed around that many pro-localization groups promised to join Professor Tsai’s protests by rotating through meditative sittings; but, when the time comes, they withdrew with fear. This is probably because they don’t feel comfortable declining Professor Tsai’s goodwill and invitations. In considering psychological reaction based on human nature, the majority of the people will experience the emotive power under the first wave of insistence in meditation protest spearheaded by Professor Tsai.

The vital force that Professor Tsai had exhausted through his fasting and meditation protest had already dispersed, with celestial light and warmth resembling the Taiwanese Divinities’, as well as the Taiwanese Martyred Spirits’ heavenly spiritual power; thus, the Taiwanese Martyred Spirits will merge, in unison, with Professor Tsai as well as the fellow protestors. Certainly, participants in this peaceful meditation will relentlessly increase in number, and this activity will inevitably be transformed into a highly effective dynamic that can truly defend Taiwan’s sovereignty.

This is precisely what Taiwanese people need: the Great Love of “Burning Oneself So Brightly.” To Professor Tsai Ting-Kuei as well as to his on-site fellow meditation companions: The Taiwanese Martyred Spirits are right there, with all of you!


【拜台灣神】 串連貼紙

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